Running Horse
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Magic and BabySitting on 240 acres of tall pines, oaks, and grassy meadows, PINE HILL RANCH, located just 90 miles from San Francisco and minutes from the heart of the Napa Valley, is home to THE STABLES AT PINE HILL RANCH. THE STABLES offer some of the world's finest American Saddlebred horses for sale and breeding.

It is our goal to make the finest pleasure and trail horses available and affordable to those who appreciate the qualities of The American Saddlebred Horse.

While it is the grace and elegance of The American Saddlebred that earned the breed the richly deserved title of "peacock of the American show ring," it is the strength, stamina, amiable temperament, and smoothness of gait that made this horse the premier mount of 19th century plantation owners. It is this aspect of the breed that is our primary focus. Our goal, first and foremost, is to be able to provide the finest trail and pleasure horses at affordable prices. History documents the versatility and ability of the Saddlebred to adapt to its environment. Anyone looking for the ultimate pleasure trail horse and great companion, but has never ridden an American Saddlebred, would serve themselves well to try one of our fine horses.

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